Alice Pyne's bucket list

June 8, 2011
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Inspiring blood cancer patient, Alice Pyne, is urging people to join Anthony Nolan's register as part of her bucket list.

15 year old Alice Pyne inspired over 1100 people to join our register of potential blood stem cell donors in spring 2010, after her family set up recruitment events in her name across the North West and in Southampton.

Sadly, Alice’s doctors told her that her Hodgkin’s lymphoma had become terminal, meaning no further treatment would help her.

Number two on Alice’s list urges people join the bone marrow register. The people most likely to be asked to donate are men aged between 18 and 30, so we’d particularly like to encourage them to find out more about fulfilling Alice’s wish.

Young men account for 80% of donations, but make up just 19% of the register. Registering is simple and donating is similar to giving blood. Please help us to recruit more of these lifesavers, or find out what else you could do to help us save lives.

Find out more about joining the register, or apply online.