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ANSAs 2021 nominees programme

We want to recognise all our fabulous lifesaving nominees. You can read about their incredible achievements below.

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The Shirley Nolan Award for Special Recognition 

WINNER: Elliott Brock and Vicky Lawrence

Elliott donated his stem cells to Vicky Lawrence, then an anonymous little girl. Since her recovery the two have become fast friends and ran the London Marathon together, inspiring millions when their story was covered on the BBC.

Maisie Ryan

Maisie sadly lost her life a year ago. A kind, passionate and dedicated young women, her selfless work has saved lives. During Maisie’s time at university, Anthony Nolan student volunteer group, Newcastle Marrow, raised an incredible £53,000 and inspired a total of 2,597 people to apply to join the stem cell register.

Heather Ross

When Heather’s identical triplet sister was unable to donate her stem cells after giving birth, she stepped up to be a lifesaver. Twenty years later, she’s still raising awareness and has given over 170 presentations about blood cancer to students all over Warwickshire.

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Minority Ethnic Advocate of the Year


ACLT’s tireless work over the last 25 years to inspire people from all backgrounds to join the stem cell register, led to four patients receiving a lifesaving transplant last year.

Ezra Cunningham

Ezra donated his stem cells early last year and since then has shared his story countless times, through campaigns and adverts, to encourage more people from minority ethnic backgrounds to join the stem cell register.

Joice Kalukenda

Joice donated her stem cells a few years ago and has since shared her story publicly and provided invaluable insight to help Anthony Nolan diversify their stem cell register.

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Organisational Fundraiser of the Year

WINNER: Dig Deeper: The Construction Company Adventure Race

Dig Deeper, organised by Paul Hargreaves and Jeremy Edwards, sees big name construction companies return year-on-year to raise funds and awareness. Six events later and they have raised an amazing £125,000.

The David and Ruth Lewis Family Charitable Trust

The David and Ruth Lewis Family Charitable Trust have provided funds that have helped transform not just Anthony Nolan’s lifesaving work, but the combined efforts of cancer charities and institutions across the country. Previously, their gifts enabled Anthony Nolan to purchase vital Third Generation Sequencing Equipment to support the charities pioneering research.

Lactalis UK & Ireland and Lactalis Nestlé

Lactalis UK & Ireland and Lactalis Nestlé voted Anthony Nolan to be their charity partner of the year by staff, to honour their much-missed friend and colleague, Julien Desilles. Since the start of the partnership, they have raised almost £6,000, with Lactalis UK & Ireland and Lactalis Nestlé generously adding an additional £8,000.

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Individual Fundraiser of the Year

WINNER: Elissa Baskind

Elissa cycled 3,207 miles on her exercise bike in just one year, the exact distance her lifesaving stem cells travelled, raising £25,000. 

Ross McEwen

Following Ross’s stem cell transplant, he gathered 121 friends and family, for the ultimate challenge, to cover 5,000 miles on foot or wheel, the same distance his lifesaving stem cells travelled from the USA to Glasgow. The team raised an amazing £30,000.

Gemma Morris

Gemma took on The London Marathon, Ride London and Swim Serpentine, as well as several of the World Major Marathons in memory of her dad, raising over £29,000.

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Group Fundraiser of the Year 

WINNER: Love for Libby

Libby was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anaemia at just 12 years old. Her family and friends went all out to enable more potential stem cell donors to join the register, raising an incredible £300,000 in less than a year.

The Friends and Family of Maisie Ryan

A year ago, Maisie Ryan tragically lost her life. A kind, passionate and dedicated young women, her friends and family have continued her lifesaving legacy and kept her commitment to help everyone affected by blood cancer and blood disorders. Together, they have raised £30,000.

Team Kenyon

Team Kenyon led by Paul and Gail Corrigan, raise funds and awareness of Anthony Nolan in support of their friend Dave Kenyon, who recently celebrated his 5th transplant anniversary. Since 2017, they have raised an amazing £53,000.

Team Natalie Dixon

Team Natalie Dixon have been fundraising for Anthony Nolan since 2016 in loving memory of their friend Natalie, who died from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. This year, the team reached their £28,000 fundraising goal, a meaningful milestone representing Natalie’s age when she passed away.

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Journalist of the Year

WINNER: Bev Holder

Bev’s writing, which amplifies the need for more young men to join the stem cell register, has inspired national print coverage. Without fail, her work has enabled Anthony Nolan’s lifesaving message to reach thousands.

Warren Manger

Warren has been working with Anthony Nolan for many years. His thoughtful and considered approach when working with those bravely sharing their experience with blood cancer and blood disorders, has been highly commended by everyone who works with him.

Claire Harrison

Claire’s coverage of Anthony Nolan and the story of Azaylia Cain, a baby who was in desperate need of a stem cell transplant, played a significant role in inspiring so many people to save lives.

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Political Supporter of the Year

WINNER: Clive Betts MP

Clive was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in August 2017, receiving a stem cell transplant shortly after and has since been a strong advocate for the stem cell transplant community. Clive has often highlighted his personal experiences to advocate and raise awareness for the stem cell register and the needs of people who need a lifesaving transplant.

Mark Tami 

Mark is the long-time Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Stem Cell Transplantation, and he has continued to support and champion Anthony Nolan throughout these years.

Marion Fellows 

Marion has been an active parliamentary champion for Anthony Nolan’s ‘Stop Patients Being Left Behind’ campaign. She also joined the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy as a new member.

Baroness Sal Brinton 

Sal has been a committed parliamentary advocate for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable people during the pandemic and has helped to raise the profile of Anthony Nolan with senior ministers and officials, enabling Anthony Nolan to take policy asks straight to government. 

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Scientific Supporter of the Year 

WINNER: The Wolfson Foundation

A major supporter of medical research, the Foundation’s grant of £200,000 to fund new DNA analysis will put us one step closer to understanding the best, and kindest, treatment for patients.

Daja Barton and Olivia Hilsdon

Daja Barton and Olivia Hilsdon, are part of the stem cell transplant team at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford and they help recruit people to Anthony Nolan’s long term research project – the Patient/Donor Project. This project investigates the impact of genetic and clinical factors when it comes to finding the best stem cell match for patients.

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Register Champion of the Year 

WINNER: Durham Marrow

Durham University’s dedicated group of student volunteers recruited the highest number of people to the stem cell register last year out of all the Marrow groups.

Plymouth Marrow

University of Plymouth’s dedicated group of Anthony Nolan student volunteers were pioneers of digital donor recruitment. Their first ever digital donor recruitment event recruited 31 potential lifesavers to the Anthony Nolan stem cell register in just a few hours.

Libbie Booker and Ethan Beckley

Libbyhad a stem cell transplant three years ago and wanted to do something amazing to thank her donor, Ethan. She contacted Liverpool Football Club to arrange for Ethan to meet his favourite player and each other. Their meeting was filmed for a campaign with Nivea for Men, helping to inspire 1,000 people to sign up to the stem cell register.

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High Profile Supporter of the Year

WINNER: Misan Harriman

Misan’s iconic photograph of the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 was auctioned for £10,000 as part of his ongoing work to highlight the inequalities faced by minority ethnic patients when it comes to finding the best stem cell match.

Tom Austen

Tom is a long-term supporter of Anthony Nolan who last year, to mark World Cancer Day, hosted an open and honest conversation between a patient and donor. Tom’s tireless dedication to supporting Anthony Nolan has inspired so many and we’re so grateful for all his work.

Joy Crookes

Joy recently voiced an Anthony Nolan advert that played on radio stations across the country. The campaign was a huge success due in no small part to Joy’s passion and commitment to ensure everyone who needs a stem cell transplant can find the best match possible.

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Patient Champion of the Year

WINNER: Billie McPartlan

Billie has been a powerful voice, sharing her experience to inform Anthony Nolan’s lifesaving work with policy makers across the UK, who have shown their support and taken action. 

Iggie Aikhomu

After receiving a transplant when she was 18, Iggie has worked with Anthony Nolan to help raise awareness of the need for a more diverse stem cell register, so that everyone has the best chance of finding a lifesaving stem cell match.

Rian Harvey

Rian received a stem cell transplant when he was 14 and his  enthusiasm to raise funds and awareness is second to none.  This year he completed the Three Peaks Challenge, raising over £12,000.

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Donor Champion of the Year 

WINNER: Sam Astley

Sam missed the EURO 2020 Semi Finals at Wembley to donate his stem cells and his story inspired over 1,500 people, particularly young men, to join the stem cell register.

Steve Plunket

Steve donated his stem cells in 2002 and has been a proud Anthony Nolan supporter ever since, raising over £20,000. His charity football match has raised an amazing £14,000, despite cancellations and logistical challenges with the pandemic.

Carney Bonner

Carneyhas openly shared his story and the positive impact donating his stem cells has had on his life and his outlook. Last year, to mark World Cancer Day, Carney was part of an open and honest conversation between a patient and donor to help Anthony Nolan raise vital awareness.

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Clinical Supporter of the Year 

WINNER: Dr Kathleen McHugh

Kathleen’s work and insight has been key to understanding the late effects of transplant care, forming essential health information and lobbying government for better care. 

Henny Saunders

Henny has been instrumental in highlighting the need for patients to have access to psychological care during transplant and the importance  of patient’s views shaping treatment. She is the first Anthony Nolan funded Clinical Psychologist.

Dr Thushan De Silva MBE and Dr Paul Miller

Thushan and Paul have worked tirelessly to expand understanding of Covid-19 vaccinations after stem cell transplant. Their work has helped inform vaccine policy across the UK.

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Everyday Hero 

WINNER: Kiran and Bharat Miangar

Kiran and Bharat lost their mum and wife in 2015. To mark the 5th anniversary of her death, Kiran organised a bike ride that raised over £5,600. Bharat has been volunteering and selflessly dedicating his time to the charity for the last 10 years.

Naomi Ayers

Naomi received a stem cell transplant in 2019 and since then she hasn’t stopped. She’s selflessly shared her story with the press, on social media and taken on challenge after challenge to raise an amazing £18,000.

Marrow Diversity Champions

Seven Marrow student volunteers have taken on extra responsibility and grabbed every opportunity to on top of their studies to work even harder to make Marrow, Anthony Nolan’s student volunteer network, more inclusive.

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Inspiring Hope Award

This year we’re saying a huge thank you and giving special recognition to each of the nominees:

Libby Cotts

Libby was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anaemia at just 12 years old. Her family and friends went all out to enable more potential stem cell donors to join the register, raising an incredible £300,000 in less than a year.

Katie Jordan

Following her son Mason’s diagnosis with leukaemia, Katie tirelessly raised over £33,000 in just a few weeks, while her son Mason was in hospital receiving lifesaving treatment.

Nicole McArthur 

When Nicole McArthur’s son Arlo needed a lifesaving stem cell transplant, she put her all into recruiting more potential donors to the stem cell register.She spoke openly and honestly about  Arlo and raised an amazing £30,000. 

Esha Nadeswaran

Esha was just 4 years old when she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Her  mobilised a huge network of supporters to raise awareness for the inequalities faced by patients like Esha, from minority ethnic backgrounds, when it comes to finding the best stem cell match.

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John Petchey Young Hero of the Year Award 

WINNER: Libby Cotts

Following Libby’s diagnosis with Severe Aplastic Anaemia at just 12 years old, her friends and family  (Love for Libby) raised an amazing £300,000 in less than a year and we’re happy to say Libby has received a lifesaving transplant.

Evie Hodgson

Evie had a stem cell transplant last year and shehas bravely shared her story about treatment for Aplastic Anaemia countless times, in the hope of raising awareness for everyone who needs a lifesaving transplant.

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The Simon Dyson Award for Volunteer of the Year

WINNER: Victoria Botting

Victoria has been volunteering for Anthony Nolan since 2012. She’s played a huge part in Cardiff Marrow student volunteer group and is always incredibly positive, open, and honest.

Michelle Peppiatt

Michelle is one of Anthony Nolan’s volunteer Online Community Champions. Her dedication and openness has helped countless people feel less alone in their transplant journey.

Frances Logan

Frances was diagnosed with leukaemia when she was 19. While studying, she’s been an enthusiastic and dedicated member of Belfast Marrow student volunteer group all while receiving chemotherapy.

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Maisie Ryan Exceptional Individual Award

WINNER: Maisie Ryan

Maisie was an incredibly dedicated and passionate young woman. Maisie joined Newcastle Marrow, which is part of Anthony Nolan’s student volunteer network, while she was studying medicine at Newcastle University.

Her drive and commitment led her and the group to raise £53,000 to support our lifesaving work and inspired over 2,500 to sign up to the stem cell register. Her life ended far too soon, but her achievements and desire to do more will live on as her lifesaving legacy.

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