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To help explain and clarify COVID-19 guidance for immunocompromised individuals, we have collated the latest resources for transplant teams and GPs. This can also help you arrange vaccinations on behalf of your stem cell transplant patients. 

COVID-19 vaccine: re-vaccination after transplant

As per JCVI guidance, all patients who receive their COVID-19 vaccination before their stem cell transplant or CAR-T therapy should be re-vaccinated with all primary doses and booster doses they are eligible for.

The timing of re-vaccination should be in line with the British Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation recommendations i.e., 3-6 months after transplant or CAR-T.

You may find this template useful to arrange re-vaccination for your patient after their transplant or CAR-T treatment. It has been developed with NHS England. Clinicians based in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland may need to adapt it for use locally.

Late Effects Practice Guidelines

Our Late Effects Practice Guidelines (LEPG) have been created for transplant and non-transplant healthcare professionals. They:

  • were developed by a working group and advisory group of transplant healthcare professionals, GPs and patient representatives, following research on current practice and need.
  • apply to both autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplants unless otherwise stated.

Our guidelines are updated as and when relevant. If you have any questions, please email

Information first published: 25/04/2023
Last update: 18/09/2023