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2021 - peer-reviewed journal articles

This page lists peer-reviewed journal articles published by staff of Anthony Nolan. Where possible we have provided links to the articles abstract and any freely available PDF of the full text.

  • Boix F, Trujillo C, Tavarozzi F, Fowles F, Latham K. The novel HLA-DPB1*571:01 allele characterized by SMRT DNA sequencing in an African Caribbean individual. HLA (2021) in press View Abstract
  • Dignan FL, Hamblin A, Chong A, Lee J, Kenyon M, Miller P, Gilleece M, Hunter H, Snowden JA on behalf of the British Society of Blood Marrow Transplantation Cellular Therapy. Survivorship care for allogeneic transplant patients in the UK NHS: changes centre practice, impact of health service policy and JACIE accreditation over 5 years. Bone Marrow Transplant (2021) 56 673-8 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Guethlein LA, Betzaie N, Memat-Gorgani N, Wang T, Ramesh V, Marin WM, Hollenbach JA, Schetelig J, Spellman S, Marsh SGE, Cooley S, Weisdorf DJ, Norman PJ, Miller JS, Parham P. Following transplantation for AML, donor KIR Cen B02 better protects against relapse then KIR Cen B01. J Immunol (2021) in press
  • Leen G, Stein JE, Robinson J, Maldonado Torres H, Marsh SGE. The HLA diversity of the Anthony Nolan register. HLA (2021) 97 15-29 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Little AM, Akbarzad-Yousefi A, Anand A, Diaz Burlinson N, Dunn PPJ, Evseeva I, Latham K, Poulton K, Railton D, Vivers S, Wright PA. BSHI guideline: HLA matching and donor selection for haematopoietic progenitor cell transplantation. Int J Immunogenet (2021) 48 75-109 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Matern BM, Mack SJ, Osoegawa K, Maiers M, Niemann M, Robinson J, Heidt S, Spierings E. Standard reference sequences for submission of HLA genotyping for the 18th International HLA and Immunogenetics Workshop. HLA (2021) in press View Full Text (PDF)
  • Mayor NP, Wang T, Lee SJ, Kuxhausen M, Vierra-Green C, Barker DJ, Auletta J, Bhatt VR, Gadalla SM, Gragert L, Inamoto Y, Morris G, Paczesny S, Reshef R, Ringden O, Shaw BE, Shaw P, Spellman SR, Marsh SGE. Impact of previously unrecognized HLA mismatches using ultra-high resolution typing in unrelated donor hematopoietic cell transplantation. J Clin Oncol (2021) in press View Full Text (PDF)
  • McIlwaine Story C, Wang T, Bhatt VR, Battiwalla M, Badawy SM, Kamoun M, Gragert L, Brown V, Baxter-Lowe LA, Marsh SGE, Gadalla SM, Schetelig J, Mytilineos J, Miklos D, Waller E, Kuxhausen M, Spellman S, Lee S, Paczesny S, Lansford JL, Vincent BG, Riches ML, Armistead PM, on behalf of the CIBMTR Immunobiology Working Committee. Genetics of HLA peptide presentation, and impact on outcomes in HLA-matched allo-HCT. Transplantation and Cellular Therapy. Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (2021) in press
  • Samarkanova D, Martin S, Bisbe L, Puig J, Calatayud-Pinuaga M, Rodriguez L, Azqueta C, Coll R, Casaroli-Marano R, Madrigal A, Rebulla P, Querol S, Barcelona CSG, Torrabadella M, Del Campo Z, Sabala A, Arango A, Romanic N, Mones A, Bover S, Torrent T, Mas V, Barbany M, Sassot I, Ortiz D. Clinical evaluation of allogeneic eye drops from cord blood platelet lysate. Blood Transfus (2021) epub View Abstract
  • Shim TN, Harwood CA, Marsh SG, Gotch FM, Quint W, de Koning MN, Francis N, Jameson C, Freeman A, Minhas S, Muneer A, Dinneen M, Bunker CB. The prevalence of human leucocyte antigen and human papillomavirus DNA in penile intraepithelial neoplasia in England 2011-2012. Int J STD AIDS (2021) 32 388-95 View Abstract
  • Vianna R, Lopes G, Georgiou X, Turner TR, Porto LC. The novel HLA-DPB1 allele, HLA-DPB1*04:01:51, first described in a Brazilian individual. HLA (2021) in press View Abstract
  • Wynn LA, Madrigal A. Predictive analytics and cord blood banking: toward utilization-based unit selection. Cytotherapy (2021) epub View Abstract