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Cell therapy centre


Anthony Nolan Cell Therapy Centre 

The Anthony Nolan Cell Therapy Centre was opened in 2008 by the UK Secretary of State for Health in the grounds of Nottingham Trent University. 

Set up with the help of the James Tudor Foundation and the East Midlands Development Agency, the facility houses both C and D grade clean rooms and an extensive cryogenic storage area.  

The facility specialises in the processing, testing and storage of human cells for both human and research applications.  

The facility boasts a suite of cutting-edge equipment including:   

  • Cytiva Sepax automated cell processing system  
  • Cytiva Smartmax  
  • Asymptote VIA Freeze  
  • Planer LN2 Controlled rate freezer    
  • Miltenyi CliniMacs Plus Cell isolation system  
  • Miltenyi Tissue Dissociator   
  • Large Freestanding centrifuge (suitable for blood bags)  
  • BD FACS Canto II  
  • Sysmex XE2100  
  • Temp and CO2 controlled Incubators  
  • Bactec FX automated blood culture analyser