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For someone with blood cancer, one phone call can change their life. One phone call about one matching stranger can give them a future - the stem cell transplant that can cure their blood cancer.

Over 2,000 people a year in the UK need a stem cell transplant. Anthony Nolan is the charity that finds matching donors for people with blood cancer – and gives them a second chance of life.

We’re saving lives right now. Every day, we give three people another chance of a future. But we can’t do it without your support.

You can fund more lifesavers and grow the stem cell register, so nobody is left waiting for a match.

Without you, there is no cure.


Joanna's story

Every person needing a stem cell transplant has their own story to tell. This is Joanna’s.

‘You’re just hoping the wait is going to be worth it because if a donor isn’t found, you’ve gone through chemo, not being able to hug your family, never setting foot at home for months, never feeling fresh air, for nothing.’Joanna, who had a stem cell transplant in 2016.

It can be a wait of days, weeks, or months until that perfect match is found to give someone a second chance of life – time which some people with blood cancer don’t have.

But not everyone can find their perfect match.

Your support can make sure people like Joanna don’t have to decide which memories to make with their family. You can give them a future together.


So, what can you do to save more lives?

You can fund someone’s lifesaver and help to grow the register. Together, we can work towards a future where nobody is waiting for their match.

Your support can give families a second chance of life together. Without you, there is no cure.

£20 could fund research into finding the best possible matches for patients.

£30 could help fund the search for someone's lifesaving donor

£40 could add a new potential lifesaver to the stem cell register.

Every month, your £5 could pay for the swab packs to collect the DNA of five potential lifesavers.

£8 a month could help us raise awareness and encourage more potential lifesavers to join the stem cell register.  

Your £10 a month could help to add three new potential lifesavers to the stem cell register each year.

Can you join the stem cell register?

If you’re aged 31+, you can give patients the best possible chance of life by donating money to help to add the best possible donors to our stem cell register. You could fund someone's lifesaver today. 

We recruit people aged 16-30 to our stem cell register as research shows younger donors provide better outcomes for patients.