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Curing blood cancer with a stem cell transplant is like running a relay race.

How? Because it takes a dedicated team at our charity – nurses, scientists, stem cell couriers – all to spring into action, play their role, and pass the baton on, to save a patient’s life.

Our incredible supporters are a crucial part of that lifesaving chain. Without funding from people like you each month, we can’t go the distance and provide a cure to people with blood cancer.

Join the Transplant Relay and give someone with blood cancer a second chance of life.

The Transplant Relay begins...

  • It starts the moment we hear that a blood cancer patient needs to find a matching stem cell donor. Our expert searchers scour millions of worldwide donors to find that match.
  • After the donor agrees and donates their stem cells, our globe-trotting couriers have just 72 hours to get the donation to the patient in need.
  • Once the donation has been received, the transplant takes place, and our dedicated patient team and Anthony Nolan nurses help patients through transplant day and their recovery.

The only thing missing? Your support.

For someone with blood cancer, a stem cell transplant is often the very last hope of survival. But with a monthly gift, you can join a lifesaving team alongside our nurses and couriers and be there for patients every step of the way. Without the support of people like you, we can’t run the Transplant Relay and give patients the chance of life they desperately need.

Join the Transplant Relay for people with blood cancer and help save lives every month.


What happens next


After joining the Transplant Relay, and opting in to receiving emails, you’ll get regular updates on the lifesaving impact that your support is having. Through regular emails, you’ll get to chance meet the other players who are part of the relay team, with incredible stories and inspiring videos from patients, couriers researchers, nurses and more.

Where your money goes


Every penny you give is vital in helping to save more lives. Out of each £1:

  • 77p goes towards helping to provide lifesaving transplants. This includes recruiting donors to our register, tissue typing them and searching for matches.
  • 8p goes towards supporting our expert researchers, as they seek for scientific breakthroughs to make lifesaving transplants even more successful.
  • 8p goes towards raising money and inspiring people to support us, so we can support our vital and lifesaving work.
  • 6p goes towards education and awareness programmes to bring blood cancer to everyone's attention, including projects at school and universities
  • 1p in every £1 goes on governance