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September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month, and all over the country people will be Walking Together, Saving Lives. This is your chance to be part of it!

Take on a sponsored walk and you’ll make sure people with blood cancer and blood disorders continue to be supported as the pandemic continues.

Life has been tough for us over the past year. And we know that we can’t predict the future. But what we do know? How to come together, even at a distance, to save lives.

Make your walk work for you. Wherever you are, however far you walk and whoever you walk with – whether it’s a solo walk, a walk with your household, or walk with friends in-person or over video call – this is your walk, your way.

How do I take part?

Getting involved couldn’t be easier. Here’s how in five easy steps.

  • Sign up today

As soon as you sign up, we’ll send you a digital pack containing everything you need to start planning your walk and a member of the team will be in touch to help get you started and answer any questions you have.

  • Pick a date and choose your route

Blood Cancer Awareness Month is September, so you can pick any day that month to hold your walk. There is also no set distance or route you need to follow so you can go for a quick stroll or spend the day striding around local sights!

  • Gather the troops

Invite your friends, family and colleagues to join you, whether that’s in real life or virtually. Walking Together is always fun, but you can go solo too if you want some space and a chance to reflect.

  • Raise those lifesaving funds!

Set up your Walking Together fundraising page and share it all over your social media, and with family, friends and colleagues. Once you’ve received your first donation, we’ll send you your Walking Together t-shirt!

  • Walk Together

On the day of your walk, remember you’re doing something amazing to save the lives of people with blood cancer, so shout about it! Post photos from the day on social media using #WalkingTogether and help raise more awareness.

For someone with blood cancer, a stem cell transplant could be their last chance of survival. Today, five people will start their search for a stranger to save their life. They need a matching stem cell donor, and that’s where Anthony Nolan comes in.

By taking on a sponsored walk, your fundraising will add new potential donors to the Anthony Nolan stem cell register, find more matches for people with blood cancer, and give more people a second chance of life. Isn’t that incredible?

Here’s what your money could do…

How do I get my free Walking Together pack?

As soon as you sign up, we’ll send you a digital pack containing everything you need to start planning your walk.

We also have lots more fabulous fundraising resources to help you promote your walk.

‘Why I’m Walking Together’ - read real life stories

Amit’s Walking Together story

‘We’re so proud of Mum’s strength – she’s a real life superwoman!’

Amit, Walking Together 2020 Superstar

After Amit’s mum had a lifesaving stem cell transplant to cure her form of leukaemia, Amit knew she had to fundraise for Anthony Nolan in thanks for giving her mum back her future.

‘In 2015, our beautiful mum was diagnosed with a form of leukaemia and was told she’d need a stem cell transplant to survive. Amazingly, Anthony Nolan was able to find a donor on the stem cell register and Mum’s now five years post-transplant! We’re from an Indian background, so the chances of finding a match were slim. We were lucky, and are so incredibly proud of Mum’s strength and bravery – she really is a real life superwoman!

‘Mum turned 60 in 2020. To celebrate her reaching this amazing milestone, despite everything she’d been through, my sister and I decided to raise money for Anthony Nolan. We want to help every family have the same outcome as ours.

‘We hadn’t taken part in anything like Walking Together before (and were quite unfit after the first lockdown!), so knew it would be a challenge. We loved the idea of being able to walk together.

‘We walked from my house to our mum’s house, which is usually a 20 minute drive. We took the long scenic route, and had fun singing and talking along the way! By taking lots of photos and posting on social media, we were able to connect with friends and family who were really generous with their donations. We raised £1,295 in total.

‘Taking part in Walking Together was so special. If it wasn’t for Anthony Nolan, our story could have been very different. We will be forever grateful. They’ve given us the greatest gift and we hope with the money we raised, we can help other families like ours.’

Kimberley’s Walking Together story


Fundraising has been a way of channelling my grief into something positive.

Kimberley, Walking Together 2019 Superstar

After losing her dad in 2017 Kimberley organised her own Walking Together event, the Big Bristol Stroll, to remember him and bring people together.

‘My dad was diagnosed with leukaemia 10 years ago and his prognosis was really bad, they gave him six weeks to live. Then he had a bone marrow transplant. and because of that donor, he went on to live another full, happy and healthy 10 years, which he obviously wouldn’t have had.

‘In 2017 his leukaemia came back and this time it was more aggressive and sadly he lost his battle. My family and I will be forever grateful to Anthony Nolan, as without them we wouldn’t have had the extra time with him.

‘A few months later I received an email about Walking Together, saying ‘would you like to do something’ and I love fundraising. So I got on board and decided to organise a walk in Bristol.

‘I think it appealed to me because there was so much flexibility which was nice. You weren’t expected to move mountains. Even if you just walk around the park, there was just a real sense that it was more about bringing people together for something that’s important.’

‘I found that organising this event was a great way to encourage a community to come together. It really was a wonderful day. Everyone will have their own personal reason for supporting Anthony Nolan, mine is because they gave me and my family 10 extra years with my dad.’