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So you’ve watched our amazing film or seen our posters. And now you’re wondering… what’s it all about?

Just the facts

Every year in the UK, 2,000 people need a stem cell transplant from a volunteer donor. Amazingly enough, that transplant could cure their blood cancer or blood disorder – and give them a second chance of life.

That’s what we do at Anthony Nolan.

  • We recruit people aged 16-30 to our register, and if they come up as a match, we facilitate their donation to a patient in need.
  • We raise vital funds, with the help of our friends and supporters, to invest in recruiting more donors and finding the best possible matches. 
  • We conduct groundbreaking research in our laboratories, making stem cell transplants safer and better than ever before.
  • We support people with blood cancer and blood disorders before, during and after their transplants – and help their families and loved ones, too.

We’re driven to cure blood cancer – and with your help, we can do even more.


  1. When is the brand advertising campaign being launched?

    The campaign will launch in September 2016 across various multi channel platforms; outdoor, radio, TV and digital advertising space.

    We’ll have a second phase of prominent advertising in 2017.

  2. Why are you having a brand advertising campaign?

    We’re launching the campaign to raise awareness of Anthony Nolan and our work, supporting our organisational aim of increasing our prompted awareness over the next few years. Brand awareness is key to building and enhancing a relationship with our audiences. We need to engage and inspire our target audiences so that there is greater supporter engagement for our lifesaving work. With this campaign we have gone back to basics in communicating who we are and what we do and how people can help to save and improve the lives of everyone who needs a stem cell transplant.

    We need to raise our brand awareness to clearly position ourselves as a leading blood cancer charity and to be kept on the radar of the UK public. There are over 165,000 charities in the UK and we need to raise our profile to ultimately save and improve more lives.

  3. Why have you spent this on a campaign when it could have been used on facilitating research?

    We can only save and improve lives, either through donor provision or research, if the public know who we are and what we do. To improve all aspects of our lifesaving work, we need to ensure the overriding message of the campaign reaches our targeted audience with maximum impact.

  4. How long did the process take?

    Initial planning and development work for the campaign began in December 2015. The start of 2016 saw us researching and reviewing analysis from previous campaigns, developing concepts, holding focus groups to test creative concepts and further developing the campaign theme in-house before producing the adverts.

  5. Do transplants really cure blood cancer?

    Our vision is to save and improve the lives of everyone who needs a lifesaving transplant and we need more people to help us achieve this. Sadly not everyone who receives a stem cell transplant will survive (currently around 50% of people), so that’s why we are working hard to research why this is the case and what we can do to improve survival rates following a transplant. However stem cell transplants do provide a cure for many people who receive one, and as such they are a curative therapy.

    In the context of the campaign, we use the phrase “cure blood cancer every day” because by providing a stem cell transplant to someone with a blood cancer or disorder, it is possible to introduce a new, healthy immune system - essentially providing a cure. For the many people alive today after a transplant, we have provided the ‘cure’ and we need to reach our audiences to communicate that we provide this service.

    At Anthony Nolan we are consistently working towards improving stem cell transplantation survival rates. Our Research Institute carries out pioneering research into stem cell transplantation and the matching process to try and pinpoint the unknown variables that may influence the chances of a successful transplant outcome. Our fantastic supporters enable us to grow the stem cell register, fund ground-breaking research into improving survival rates and the quality of life for patients post-transplant.

    By raising brand awareness and reaching people who don’t know us, we can encourage more supporters to help us raise vital funds for our research, ensure the right donors join the register, enlist campaigners to support our post-transplant work, as well as volunteers to continue to support our lifesaving work. Ultimately, we need to raise awareness about our lifesaving work to engage new supporters to help us to improve and save more lives.

    We are unique in what we do and we need to build our brand awareness so we can continue our lifesaving work.  We need to be front of mind to ensure the general public link blood cancer to Anthony Nolan.

  6. Why are outdoor adverts only in London?

    Analysis and market research showed that we needed to focus on London locations with high footfall, allowing a strong audience reach and cut through as this will provide the most cost efficient and impactful use of media.

  7. Why do people need stem cell transplants?

    A stem cell transplant can cure or improve the outcome for someone with a blood cancer or blood disorder. In short, it can save their life. When a person has a blood cancer or blood disorder, their blood cells have stopped working in the normal way. That means they can’t do vital things like fight infection or carry oxygen. A transplant of blood stem cells from a healthy person can replace and repair these damaged cells – and hopefully cure their disease. Blood stem cells are new, primitive blood cells made in the bone marrow, found in the centre of our large bone.