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2020 - peer-reviewed journal articles

This page lists peer-reviewed journal articles published by staff of Anthony Nolan. Where possible we have provided links to the articles abstract and any freely available PDF of the full text.

  • Alanazi H, Alqasem A, Aloufi F, Macpherson HL, Hajeer AH. The novel HLA-DQB1*06:358 allele, identified by Next-Generation Sequencing in a Saudi individual. HLA (2020) 95 157-8 View Abstract
  • Ameen R, Al Shemmari SH, Marsh SGE. HLA Haplotype Frequencies and Genetic Profiles of the Kuwaiti Population. Med Princ Pract (2020) 29 39-45 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Anthias C, Apperley J, Bloor A, Byrne J, Collin M, Crawley C, Craddock C, Finnegan D, Gilleece M, Gribben J, Hunter A, Hunter H, Koh M, Mackinnon S, Malladi R, Marks D, McQuaker G, Nikolousis M, Orchard K, Pavlu J, Peniket A, Potter M, Potter V, Robinson S, Russell N, Salim R, Snowden J, Thomson K, Tholouli E, Wilson K. Reducing the diversity of allogeneic transplant protocols in the UK through a BSBMT Anthony Nolan Protocol Harmonization Initiative. Bone Marrow Transplant (2020) 55 1840-3 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Anthias C, Shaw BE, Bruce JG, Confer DL, Abress LK, Dew MA, Billen A, O'Leary A, Braund H, Switzer GE. Role of Race/Ethnicity in Donor Decisions about Unrelated Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Donation: Exploring Reasons for Higher Attrition among Racial/Ethnic Minorities. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant (2020) 26 593-9 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Battle RK, Henderson L, Phelan PJ, Latham K, Turner DM. A case report-Two manufacturers SAB testing kits can reveal different HLA antibody profiles-Identifying prozone and denatured antigen. HLA (2020) 96 76-82 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Bruijnesteijn J, de Groot NG, Otting N, Maccari G, Guethlein LA, Robinson J, Marsh SGE, Walter L, O'Connor DH, Hammond JA, Parham P, Bontrop RE. Nomenclature report for killer-cell immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIR) in macaque species: new genes/alleles, renaming recombinant entities and IPD-NHKIR updates. Immunogenetics (2020) 72 37-47 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Bultitude WP, Schellekens J, Szydlo RM, Anthias C, Cooley SA, Miller JS, Weisdorf DJ, Shaw BE, Roberts CH, Garcia-Sepulveda CA, Lee J, Pearce RM, Wilson MC, Potter MN, Byrne JL, Russell NH, MacKinnon S, Bloor AJ, Patel A, McQuaker IG, Malladi R, Tholouli E, Orchard K, Potter VT, Madrigal JA, Mayor NP, Marsh SGE. Presence of donor-encoded centromeric KIR B content increases the risk of infectious mortality in recipients of myeloablative, T-cell deplete, HLA-matched HCT to treat AML. Bone Marrow Transplant (2020) 55 1975-84 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Comerford AG, Lucas JAM, Turner TR, Marsh SGE, Mayor NP. The novel HLA-C*03:04:01:47 allele sequence identified using Pacific biosciences SMRT sequencing. HLA (2020) 96 525-6 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Cox ST, Danby R, Hernandez D, Laza-Briviesca R, Pearson H, Madrigal JA, Saudemont A. Corrigendum: Functional Characterisation and Analysis of the Soluble NKG2D Ligand Repertoire Detected in Umbilical Cord Blood Plasma. Front Immunol (2020) 11 87 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Cuadrado MM, Szydlo RM, Watts M, Patel N, Renshaw H, Dorman J, Lowdell M, Ings S, Anthias C, Madrigal A, Mackinnon S, Kottaridis P, Carpenter B, Hough R, Morris E, Thomson K, Peggs KS, Chakraverty R. Predictors of recovery following allogeneic CD34+-selected cell infusion without conditioning to correct poor graft function. Haematologica (2020) 105 2639-46 View Full Text (PDF)
  • de Groot NG, Otting N, Maccari G, Robinson J, Hammond JA, Blancher A, Lafont BAP, Guethlein LA, Wroblewski EE, Marsh SGE, Shiina T, Walter L, Vigilant L, Parham P, O'Connor DH, Bontrop RE. Correction to: Nomenclature report 2019: major histocompatibility complex genes and alleles of great and small ape and old and new world monkey species. Immunogenetics (2020) 72 131-2 View Full Text (PDF)
  • de Groot NG, Otting N, Maccari G, Robinson J, Hammond JA, Blancher A, Lafont BAP, Guethlein LA, Wroblewski EE, Marsh SGE, Shiina T, Walter L, Vigilant L, Parham P, O'Connor DH, Bontrop RE. Nomenclature report 2019: major histocompatibility complex genes and alleles of Great and Small Ape and Old and New World monkey species. Immunogenetics (2020) 72 25-36 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Duggleby RC, Tsang HP, Strange K, McWhinnie A, Lamikanra AA, Roberts DJ, Hernandez D, Madrigal JA, Danby RD. Enumerating regulatory T cells in cryopreserved umbilical cord blood samples using FOXP3 methylation specific quantitative PCR. PLoS One (2020) 15 e0240190 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Girdlestone J, Raymond M, Shaw B, Tulpule S, Devlia VR, Danby R, Ahyee T, Saudemont A, Hough R, Veys P, Ruggeri A, Vora A, Marks DI, Gibson B, Wynn R, Madrigal A, Navarrete CV. Immune reconstitution following umbilical cord blood transplantation: IRES, a study of UK paediatric patients. eJHaem (2020) 1 208-18
  • Greenshields-Watson A, Attaf M, MacLachlan BJ, Whalley T, Rius C, Wall A, Lloyd A, Hughes H, Strange KE, Mason GH, Schauenburg AJ, Hulin-Curtis SL, Geary J, Chen Y, Lauder SN, Smart K, Vijaykrishna D, Grau ML, Shugay M, Andrews R, Dolton G, Rizkallah PJ, Gallimore AM, Sewell AK, Godkin AJ, Cole DK. CD4(+) T Cells Recognize Conserved Influenza A Epitopes through Shared Patterns of V-Gene Usage and Complementary Biochemical Features. Cell Rep (2020) 32 107885 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Hassall KB, Latham K, Robinson J, Gymer A, Goodall R, Merlo D, Marsh SGE, Mayor NP. Extending the sequences of HLA class I alleles without full-length genomic coverage using single molecule real-time DNA sequencing. HLA (2020) 95 196-9 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Kuchipudi P, Turner TR, Forney SC, Gerlach JA, Ho CS. Identification of a novel allele, HLA-DPB1*18:01:01:04, in an African American renal transplant candidate. HLA (2020) 95 591-2 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Lamikanra AA, Tsang HP, Elsiddig S, Spencer M, Curnow E, Danby R, Roberts DJ. The Migratory Properties and Numbers of T Regulatory Cell Subsets in Circulation Are Differentially Influenced by Season and Are Associated With Vitamin D Status. Front Immunol (2020) 11 685 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Luangtrakool P, Vejbaesya S, Luangtrakool K, Ngamhawornwong S, Apisawes K, Kalayanarooj S, Macareo LR, Fernandez S, Jarman RG, Collins RWM, Cox ST, Srikiatkhachorn A, Rothman AL, Stephens HAF. Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I Chain-Related A and B (MICA and MICB) Gene, Allele, and Haplotype Associations With Dengue Infections in Ethnic Thais. J Infect Dis (2020) 222 840-6 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Lucas JAM, Hayhurst JD, Turner TR, Gymer AW, Leen G, Robinson J, Marsh SGE, Mayor NP. Single molecule real-time DNA sequencing of the full HLA-E gene for 212 reference cell lines. HLA (2020) 95 561-72 View Abstract
  • Maccari G, Robinson J, Hammond JA, Marsh SGE. The IPD Project: a centralised resource for the study of polymorphism in genes of the immune system. Immunogenetics (2020) 72 49-55 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Miller PDE, Snowden JA, De Latour RP, Iacobelli S, Eikema DJ, Knol C, Marsh JCW, Rice C, Koh M, Fagioli F, Chaganti S, Finke J, Duarte RF, Bader P, Farge D, Passweg JR, Madrigal JA, Dufour C. Autoimmune cytopenias (AIC) following allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplant for acquired aplastic anaemia: a joint study of the Autoimmune Diseases and Severe Aplastic Anaemia Working Parties (ADWP/SAAWP) of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT). Bone Marrow Transplant (2020) 55 441-51 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Mwangi W, Maccari G, Hope JC, Entrican G, Hammond JA. The UK Veterinary Immunological Toolbox Website: promoting vaccine research by facilitating communication and removing reagent barriers. Immunology (2020) 161 25-7 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Nacheva E, Ahyee T, Addada J, Navarette C, Pamphilon D, Regan F, Pawson R, Szydlo R, Goldman J, Mackinnon S, Shaw BE, Madrigal A. Absence of damaging effects of stem cell donation in unrelated donors assessed by FISH and gene variance screening. Bone Marrow Transplant (2020) 55 1290-6 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Petersdorf EW, Bengtsson M, De Santis D, Dubois V, Fleischhauer K, Gooley T, Horowitz M, Madrigal JA, Malkki M, McKallor C, Morishima Y, Oudshoorn M, Spellman SR, Villard J, Stevenson P, Carrington M. Role of HLA-DP Expression in Graft-Versus-Host Disease After Unrelated Donor Transplantation. J Clin Oncol (2020) 38 2712-8 View Abstract
  • Petersdorf EW, Carrington M, O'HUigin C, Bengtsson M, De Santis D, Dubois V, Gooley T, Horowitz M, Hsu K, Madrigal JA, Maiers MJ, Malkki M, McKallor C, Morishima Y, Oudshoorn M, Spellman SR, Villard J, Stevenson P, Apperley J, Bardy P, Bernard G, Bertrand Y, Bloor A, Bonini C, Buhler S, Bungener L, Campbell H, Carlson K, Carpenter B, Cesbron A, Chabannon C, Chalandon Y, Chapman J, Chebel R, Chevallier P, Choi G, Collin M, Cornelissen JJ, Crawley C, D'Orsogna L, Dalle JH, Deconinck E, DeMatteis M, Diviney M, Dormoy A, Gagne K, Gibson B, Gilleece M, Gottlieb D, Gribben J, Güngör T, Haagenson M, Hart C, Holdsworth R, Humphreys I, Kodera Y, Koh M, Labussière-Wallet H, Lankester AC, Lardy N, Lawson S, Leleu X, MacKinnon S, Malladi R, Marsh SGE, Martin M, Mayor NP, McQuaker IG, Meijer E, Morishima S, Nikolousis E, Orchard K, Passweg J, Patel A, Patrick K, Pedron B, Peniket A, Perry J, Petersen E, Potter V, Potter M, Protheroe R, Raus N, Ruiz de Elvira C, Russell N, Schaap NP, Schanz U, Schouten H, Skinner R, Snowden J, Spierings E, Steward C, Tholouli E, Thornton A, Tilanus M, van de Meer A, Veelkens H, Veys P. Role of HLA-B exon 1 in graft-versus-host disease after unrelated haemopoietic cell transplantation: a retrospective cohort study. Lancet Haematol (2020) 7 e50-e60 View Abstract
  • Petersdorf EW, Stevenson P, Bengtsson M, De Santis D, Dubois V, Gooley T, Horowitz M, Hsu K, Madrigal JA, Malkki M, McKallor C, Morishima Y, Oudshoorn M, Spellman SR, Villard J, Carrington M. HLA-B leader and survivorship after HLA-mismatched unrelated donor transplantation. Blood (2020) 136 362-9 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Robinson J, Barker DJ, Georgiou X, Cooper MA, Flicek P, Marsh SGE. IPD-IMGT/HLA Database. Nucleic Acids Res (2020) 48 D948-D55 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Samarkanova D, Cox S, Hernandez D, Rodriguez L, Casaroli-Marano RP, Madrigal A, Querol S. Cord Blood Platelet Rich Plasma Derivatives for Clinical Applications in Non-transfusion Medicine. Front Immunol (2020) 11 942 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Sharrack B, Saccardi R, Alexander T, Badoglio M, Burman J, Farge D, Greco R, Jessop H, Kazmi M, Kirgizov K, Labopin M, Mancardi G, Martin R, Moore J, Muraro PA, Rovira M, Sormani MP, Snowden JA, European Society for B, Marrow Transplantation Autoimmune Diseases Working P, the Joint Accreditation Committee of the International Society for Cellular T, Ebmt. Autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation and other cellular therapy in multiple sclerosis and immune-mediated neurological diseases: updated guidelines and recommendations from the EBMT Autoimmune Diseases Working Party (ADWP) and the Joint Accreditation Committee of EBMT and ISCT (JACIE). Bone Marrow Transplant (2020) 55 283-306 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Shim TN, Harwood CA, Marsh SGE, Gotch FM, Quint W, de Koning MN, Francis N, Jameson C, Freeman A, Minhas S, Dinneen M, Muneer A, Bunker CB. Immunogenetics and human papillomavirus (HPV) in male genital lichen sclerosus (MGLSc). Int J STD AIDS (2020) 31 1334-9 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Soto JR, Anthias C, Madrigal A, Snowden JA. Insights Into the Role of Vitamin D as a Biomarker in Stem Cell Transplantation. Front Immunol (2020) 11 966 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Sullivan S, Fairchild PJ, Marsh SGE, Muller CR, Turner ML, Song J, Turner D. Haplobanking induced pluripotent stem cells for clinical use. Stem Cell Res (2020) 49 102035 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Sundaram AYM, Garseth AH, Maccari G, Grimholt U. Correction to: An Illumina approach to MHC typing of Atlantic salmon. Immunogenetics (2020) 72 133 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Szer J, Weisdorf D, Querol S, Foeken L, Madrigal A. The impact of COVID-19 on the provision of donor hematopoietic stem cell products worldwide: collateral damage. Bone Marrow Transplant (2020) 55 2043-4 View Full Text (PDF)
  • Vianna R, Turner T, Georgiou X, Porto LC. Characterization of two novel HLA-DQB1*06:02:01 variants, identified in Brazilian individuals. HLA (2020) 95 587-8 View Abstract
  • Weisdorf D, Cooley S, Wang T, Trachtenberg E, Vierra-Green C, Spellman S, Sees JA, Spahn A, Vogel J, Fehniger TA, Woolfrey AE, Devine SM, Ross M, Waller EK, Sobecks RM, McGuirk J, Oran B, Farag SS, Shore T, Van Besien K, Marsh SGE, Guethlein LA, Parham P, Miller JS. KIR B donors improve the outcome for AML patients given reduced intensity conditioning and unrelated donor transplantation. Blood Adv (2020) 4 740-54 View Full Text (PDF)