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2015 - peer-reviewed journal articles

This page lists peer-reviewed journal articles published by staff of Anthony Nolan. Where possible we have provided links to the articles abstract and any freely available PDF of the full text.

  • Alnabhan R, Madrigal A, Saudemont A: Differential activation of cord blood and peripheral blood natural killer cells by cytokines. Cytotherapy. (2015) 17:73-85. View Abstract
  • Anthias C, Ethell ME, Potter MN, Madrigal A, Shaw BE.: The impact of improved JACIE standards on the care of related BM and PBSC donors. Bone Marrow Transplant. (2015) 50:244-7. View Abstract
  • Anthias C, van Walraven SM, Sørensen BS, de Faveri GN, Fechter M, Cornish J, Bacigalupo A, Müller C, Boo M, Shaw BE.: Related hematopoietic cell donor care: is there a role for unrelated donor registries? Bone Marrow Transplant. (2015) 50:637-41. View Abstract
  • Arrieta-Bolanos E, Madrigal JA, Shaw BE: Novel alleles of the transforming growth factor β-1 regulatory region and exon 1. Tissue Antigens. (2015) 85:484-91. View Abstract
  • Billen A, Madrigal JA, Strydom A, Szydlo RM, Switzer GE, Shaw BE: Predonation Health-Related Quality of Life Scores Predict Time to Recovery in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donors. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. (2015) 21:350-6. View Abstract
  • Chappell P, Meziane EK, Harrison M, Magiera Ł, Hermann C, Mears L, Wrobel AG, Durant C, Nielsen LL, Buus S, Ternette N, Mwangi W, Butter C, Nair V, Ahyee T, Duggleby R, Madrigal A, Roversi P, Lea SM, Kaufman J: Expression levels of MHC class I molecules are inversely correlated with promiscuity of peptide binding. Elife. (2015) 4:e05345. View Abstract
  • Cox ST, Laza-Briviesca R, Pearson H, Soria B, Gibson D, Gomez S, Madrigal J, Saudemont A: Umbilical cord blood plasma contains soluble NKG2D ligands that mediate loss of natural killer cell function and cytotoxicity. Eur J Immunol. (2015) 45:2324-34. View Abstract
  • Domogala A, Madrigal JA, Saudemont A: Natural killer cell immunotherapy: from bench to bedside. Front Immunol. (2015) 6:264. View Abstract
  • Escobedo-Cousin M, Jackson N, Laza-Briviesca R, Ariza-McNaughton L, Luevano M, Derniame S, Querol S, Blundell M, Thrasher A, Cooper N, Bonnet D, Madrigal A, Saudemont A: Natural Killer cells improve hematopoietic stem cell engraftment by increasing stem cell clonogenicity via CXCL9. PLoS ONE. (2015) 10:e0138623. View Abstract
  • Fry L, Querol S, Gomez S, McArdle S, Rees R, Madrigal J: Assessing the toxic effects of DMSO on cord blood to determine exposure time limits and the optimum concentration for cryopreservation. Vox Sang. (2015) 109:181-90. View Abstract
  • Gratwohl A, Pasquini MC, Aljjurf M, Atsuta Y, Baldomero H, Foeken L, Gratwohl M, Bouzas LF, Confer D, Fravendorfer K, Gluckman E, Greinix H, Horowitz M, Lida M, Lipton J, Madrigal A, Mohty M, Noel L, Novitzky N, Nunez J, Oudshoorn M, Passweg J, van Rood J, Szer J, Blumet K, Appelbaum FR, Lodera Y, Niederwieser D: One million haemopoietic stem-cell tranplants: a retropective observational study. The Lancet Haematology. (2015) 2:e91. View abstract
  • Gratwohl A, Pasquini MC, Aljurf M, Atsuta Y, Baldomero H, Foeken L, Gratwohl M, Bouzas LF, Confer D, Frauendorfer K, Gluckman E, Greinix H, Horowitz M, Iida M, Lipton J, Madrigal A, Mohty M, Noel L, Novitzky N, Nunez J, Oudshoorn M, Passweg J, van Rood J, Szer J, Blume K, Appelbaum FR, Kodera Y, Niederwieser D; Worldwide Network for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (WBMT): One million haemopoietic stem-cell transplants: a retrospective observational study. Lancet Haematol. (2015) 2:e91-e100. View Abstract
  • Hayhurst JD, du Toit ED, Borrill V, Schlaphoff TE, Brosnan N, Marsh SGE: Two novel HLA alleles, HLA-A*30:02:01:03 and HLA-C*08:113, identified in a South African bone marrow donor. Tissue Antigens. (2015) 85:291-3. View Abstract
  • Hayward DR, Bultitude WP, Mayor NP, Madrigal JA, Marsh SGE: The novel HLA-B*44 allele, HLA-B*44:220, identified by SMRT DNA sequencing in a British Caucasoid male. Tissue Antigens. (2015) 86:61-3. View Abstract
  • Hiwarkar P, Qasim W, Ricciardelli I, Gilmour K, Quezada S, Saudemont A, Amrolia P, Veys P: Cord blood T cells mediate enhanced anti-tumor effects compared with adult peripheral blood T cells. Blood. (2015) 126:2882-91. View Abstract
  • Hsu JW, Wingard JR, Logan BR, Chitphakdithai P, Akpek G, Anderlini P, Artz AS, Bredeson C, Goldstein S, Hale G, Hematti P, Joshi S, Kamble RT, Lazarus HM, O'Donnell PV, Pulsipher MA, Savani B, Schears RM, Shaw BE, Confer DL: Race and ethnicity influences collection of G-CSF mobilized peripheral blood progenitor cells from unrelated donors, a CIBMTR analysis. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. (2015) 21:165-71. View Abstract
  • Johnson PCD, McAulay KA, Montgomery D, Lake A, Shield L, Gallagher A, Little AM, Shah A, Marsh SGE, Taylor GM, Jarrett RF: Modeling HLA associations with EBV-positive and -negative Hodgkin lymphoma suggests distinct mechanisms in disease pathogenesis. Int J Cancer. (2015) 137:1066-75. View Full Text (PDF)
  • Karmin M, Saag L, Vicente M, Wilson Sayres MA, Jarve M, Talas UG, Rootsi S, Ilumae AM, Magi R, Mitt M, Pagani L, Puurand T, Faltyskova Z, Clemente F, Cardona A, Metspalu E, Sahakyan H, Yunusbayev B, Hudjashov G, DeGiorgio M, Loogvali EL, Eichstaedt C, Eelmets M, Chaubey G, Tambets K, Litvinov S, Mormina M, Xue Y, Ayub Q, Zoraqi G, Korneliussen TS, Akhatova F, Lachance J, Tishkoff S, Momynaliev K, Ricaut FX, Kusuma P, Razafindrazaka H, Pierron D, Cox MP, Sultana GN, Willerslev R, Muller C, Westaway M, Lambert D, Skaro V, Kovacevic L, Turdikulova S, Dalimova D, Khusainova R, Trofimova N, Akhmetova V, Khidiyatova I, Lichman DV, Isakova J, Pocheshkhova E, Sabitov Z, Barashkov NA, Nymadawa P, Mihailov E, Seng JW, Evseeva I, Migliano AB, Abdullah S, Andriadze G, Primorac D, Atramentova L, Utevska O, Yepiskoposyan L, Marjanovic D, Kushniarevich A, Behar DM, Gilissen C, Vissers L, Veltman JA, Balanovska E, Derenko M, Malyarchuk B, Metspalu A, Fedorova S, Eriksson A, Manica A, Mendez FL, Karafet TM, Veeramah KR, Bradman N, Hammer MF, Osipova LP, Balanovsky O, Khusnutdinova EK, Johnsen K, Remm M, Thomas MG, Tyler-Smith C, Underhill PA, Willerslev E, Nielsen R, Metspalu M, Villems R, Kivisild T: A recent bottleneck of Y chromosome diversity coincides with a global change in culture. Genome Res. (2015) 25:459-466. View Abstract
  • Kwok J, Ho JCY, Chan YS, Soormally A, Marsh SGE: Identification of a novel HLA-A*02:06:01:02 allele in a Chinese individual by sequence-based typing. Tissue Antigens. (2015) 86:448–456. View Abstract
  • Laza-Briviesca R, Saudemont A, Madrigal JA, Cox ST: Two novel 5' promoter sequences of the MHC class I-related chain A gene. Int J Immunogenet. (2015) 42:226-7. View Abstract
  • Levy A, Cartwright T: Men's strategies for preserving emotional well-being in advanced prostate cancer: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Psychol Health. (2015) 30:1164-82. View Abstract
  • Mack SJ, Milius RP, Gifford BD, Sauter J, Hofmann J, Osoegawa K, Robinson J, Groeneweg M, Turenchalk GS, Adai A, Holcomb C, Rozemuller EH, Penning MT, Heuer ML, Wang C, Salit ML, Schmidt AH, Parham PR, Müller C, Hague T, Fischer G, Fernandez-Viňa M, Hollenbach JA, Norman PJ, Maiers M: Minimum information for reporting next generation sequence genotyping (MIRING): Guidelines for reporting HLA and KIR genotyping via next generation sequencing. Hum Immunol. (2015) 76:954-62. View Abstract
  • Mayor NP, Robinson J, McWhinnie AJM, Ranade S, Eng K, Midwinter W, Bultitute WP, Chin CS, Bowman B, Marks P, Braund H, Madrigal JA, Latham K, Marsh SGE: HLA typing for the next generation. PLoS ONE. (2015) 10(5):e0127153. View Full Text
  • Naing MW, Gibson DA, Hourd P, Gomez SG, Horton RB, Segal J, Williams DJ: Improving umbilical cord blood processing to increase total nucleated cell count yield and reduce cord input wastage by managing the consequences of input variation. Cytotherapy. (2015) 17:58-67. View Abstract
  • New SEP, Alvarez-Gonzalez C, Vagaska B, Gomez SG, Bulstrode NW, Madrigal A, Ferretti P.: A matter of identity - Phenotype and differentiation potential of human somatic stem cells. Stem Cell Res. (2015) 15:1-13. View Abstract
  • Paul DS, Jones A, Sellar RS, Mayor NP, Feber A, Webster AP, Afonso N, Sergeant R, Szydlo RM, Apperley JF, Widschwendter M, Mackinnon S, Marsh SGE, Madrigal JA, Rakyan VK, Peggs KS, Beck S: A donor-specific epigenetic classifier for acute graft-versus-host disease severity in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Genome Medicine. (2015) 7:128. View Abstract
  • Robinson J, Halliwell JA, Hayhurst JD, Flicek P, Parham P, Marsh SGE: The IPD and IMGT/HLA database: allele variant databases. Nucleic Acids Res. (2015) 43:D423-31. View Full Text
  • Saudemont A: TIF-IA and Ebp1 regulate RNA synthesis in T cells. Blood. (2015) 125:2456-7. View Abstract
  • Shaw BE, Confer DL, Hwang W, Pulsipher MA.: A review of the genetic and long-term effects of G-CSF injections in healthy donors: a reassuring lack of evidence for the development of haematological malignancies. Bone Marrow Transplant. (2015) 50:334-340. View Abstract
  • Shaw BE, Lee F, Krishnamurthy S, Byrne JL, Seedhouse C, Mayor NP, Maldonado-Torres H, Saudemont A, Marsh SGE, Madrigal JA, Russell NH: Caspase-8 polymorphisms result in reduced Alemtuzumab-induced T-cell apoptosis and worse survival after transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplant. (2015) 50:237-43. View Abstract
  • Smith NM, Mlcochova P, Watters SA, Aasa-Chapman MM, Rabin N, Moore S, Edwards SG, Garson JA, Grant PR, Ferns RB, Kashuba A, Mayor NP, Schellekens J, Marsh SGE, McMichael AJ, Perelson AS, Pillay D, Goonetilleke N, Gupta RK: Proof-of-principle for immune control of global HIV-1 reactivation in vivo. Clin Infect Dis. (2015) 61:120-8. View Full Text
  • Sureda A, Bader P, Cesaro S, Dreger P, Duarte RF, Dufour C, Falkenburg JH, Farge-Bancel D, Gennery A, Kröger N, Lanza F, Marsh JC, Nagler A, Peters C, Velardi A, Mohty M, Madrigal A.: Indications for allo- and auto-SCT for haematological diseases, solid tumours and immune disorders: current practice in Europe, 2015. Bone Marrow Transplant. (2015) 50:1037-56. View Abstract
  • Trzonkowski P, Bacchetta R, Battaglia M, Berglund D, Bohnenkamp HR, Ten Brinke A, Bushell A, Cools N, Geissler EK, Gregori S, Marieke van Ham S, Hilkens C, Hutchinson JA, Lombardi G, Madrigal JA, Marek-Trzonkowska N, Martinez-Caceres EM, Roncarolo MG, Sanchez-Ramon S, Saudemont A, Sawitzki B.: Hurdles in therapy with T regulatory cells. Sci. Transl. Med. (2015) 7:304ps18. View Abstract
  • Vejbaesya S, Thongpradit R, Kalayanarooj S, Luangtrakool K, Luangtrakool P, Gibbons RV, Srinak D, Ngammthaworn S, Apisawes K, Yoon IK, Thomas SJ, Jarman RG, Srikiakthachorn A, Green S, Chandanayingyong D, Park S, Friedman J, Rothman AL and Stephens HA: HLA class I supertype associations with clinical outcome of secondary dengue virus infections in ethnic Thais. J Infect Dis. (2015) 212:939-47. View Abstract
  • Worel N, Buser A, Greinix HT, Hagglund H, Navarro W, Pulsipher MA, Nicoloso de Faveri G, Bengtsson M, Billen A, Espino G, Fechter M, Giudice V, Holig K, Kanamori H, Kodera Y, Leitner G, Netelenbos T, Niederwieser D, van Walraven SM, Rocha V, Torosian T, Vergueiro C, Weisdorf D, Yabe H, Halter JP: Suitability Criteria for Adult Related Donors: A Consensus Statement from the Worldwide Network for Blood and Marrow Transplantation Standing Committee on Donor Issues. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. (2015) 21:2052-2060. View Abstract