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For someone with blood cancer, an amazing stranger donating their stem cells could be their best chance of survival. 

Just like Lamar, if you sign up to the Anthony Nolan stem cell register and one day come up as a genetic match, you could be that amazing stranger! 

Right now, there's a shortage of young men on the register. They provide more than 55% of all stem cell donations, but make up just 18% of the register. We need more young men aged 16-30 to sign up and help save more lives.

We work with registers around the world to find lifesaving donors. If you live outside the UK, check the joining criteria in your country by visiting the World Marrow Donor Association

Lamar Roberts in Anthony Nolan's BeaLifesaver campaign


  • You can join online! You’ll get a pack in the post for you to do a cheek swab and send back. We’ll test your sample and add your information to the stem cell register.
  • You’ll stay on the register until you’re the grand age of 61. If you ever come up as a match for someone with blood cancer, we’ll be in touch.
  • We’ll organise the whole thing. We support you at every stage of your donation and arrange everything, from travel to accommodation. We've got it all covered.
  • There are two ways you might be asked to donate:

90% of people donate via their bloodstream in a straightforward process, called peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) collection. Joe, who donated via PBSC, said ‘I was hooked onto the machine for around 4/5 hours so it’s pretty boring! Afterwards I felt pretty tired as you would expect, but felt really good that I had done something good for someone.’

10% have their stem cells collected via their bone marrow while under general anaesthetic. After Donna’s donation, she said ‘Bone marrow donating done! I can honestly say it has been an amazing and surprisingly pain-free experience (I am a wimp!). Knowing I’ve given someone a second chance at life is such a fantastic feeling.’


Every year, hundreds of Anthony Nolan donors get the call to say they’re a match, and they have some amazing stories to tell:


This animation takes you through a lifesaving journey - from getting the call if you come up as a genetic match for someone in need of a transplant, to the step by step process of donating your stem cells through your bloodstream or bone marrow.